Fort Riley User ID Instructions


Once you have registered successfully for a User ID, you were assigned a six (6) digit Permit # and an auto generated four (4) digit pin #.  During the registration process you entered your own password and need to remember your password if you wish to use the password to check-in or check-out.  You are only allowed to register / renew once per year.  Violators will have their User ID suspended or put on administrative hold.  If you entered in an email address then you received an email with your Permit # and Pin #.

You will use your Permit # and Password or Pin # to Check-in/Check-out for outdoor recreation on Fort Riley.  The hyperlink to Check-in/Check-out is in the header of each web page.  Click here to go to the Check-in/Check-out web page.

When you get to the Check-in/Check-out web page you will have to enter your six (6) digit Permit # and then you may enter either your password that you created during the registration or the auto generated four (4) digit pin that was emailed to you.  Either (Pin or Password) will work with your Permit #.  You MUST check-in for outdoor recreation before you participate in an activity and you must Check-out when you are finished with your activity.  All harvests will be recorded in the system during your check out session.  You may also provide comments during your check-out session that Conservation management personnel, as well as Game Wardens can read about your day in the field.  You will use the same web hyperlink to Check-in/Check-out.

If you forget your Permit # or Pin # then you may retrieve this information by clicking the "Retrieve User ID/Pin" hyperlink under the "Registration" box or CLICK HERE.

If you forget your password then you may reset your password by clicking the "Reset Password"  hyperlink under the "Registration" box or CLICK HERE.