NOW AVAILABLE:  2024-2025 Fort Riley Outdoor Recreation and Conservation Permits

The New 2024 Outdoor Recreation Briefing is available and allows you to acquire the following:

Prior to recreating on Fort Riley you must complete a few simple steps.  Please go to the “My Account” tab on the website and log into or create  your account.  Once logged in, go to the “My Safety Briefs” tab and the 2024-2025 Outdoor Recreation Briefing will be available to select.  All individuals renewing or setting up new accounts will watch a 7 minute Recreational Overview video. After watching the video there is a mandatory short quiz. Once quiz is completed with a 100 percent correct result, you will be able to add the appropriate permit(s) for your chosen activities to your “Cart” and complete the checkout session in order for the permit to be added to your account.  Remember, you must be log into and out of the iSportsman system each trip to the field.  For technical difficulties or general questions, please contact the Fort Riley Environmental Office at 785-239-6211  

The Fort Riley Conservation Permit will allow recreationists to participate in all game hunting and non-hunting activities open on a given day. The Fort Riley Conservation Permit is free-of-charge for “exempt” individuals (Persons < 16 or ≥ 65 years of age; Kansas Disabled Veterans – 30% or greater, or a KDWP exempt license) and costs $25 for all others. Individuals must contact the Conservation Office to receive the iSportsman disabled validation. 

The Outdoor Recreation Permit will allow recreationists to participate in all non-game hunting types of activities such as fishing, hiking, shed antler hunting or mushroom gathering. The Outdoor Recreation Permit is free-of-charge for all individuals.