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The Fort Riley Military Reservation is located in northeast Kansas between Manhattan and Junction City on the northern edge of the Flint Hills Region. About 71,000 of the installation's 101,000 acres are managed for multiple use. The installation's primary mission is to be a Warfighting Center for America's army. But, it also provides an area where a wide variety of outdoor recreation activities can be pursued by both military personnel and the general public. Pursuits include hunting choices from big game to mushrooms, or recreational activities like mountain biking and bird watching. Regardless of whether you are hunting with a gun or a camera, or are hiking, horseback riding, or picnicking, there are certain procedures that you must follow when you use the installation for recreation. The restrictions have been established to ensure that neither the installation's mission nor your safety is jeopardized by your use of the installation for recreation. This site was developed to allow recreational users to gather information on all available opportunities and the regulations which correspond.  Navigate the site to learn about the rules and all Fort Riley has to offer.  

  • Cameron Springs and Moon Lake are Open

    by Fort Riley Conservation | Feb 20, 2015
    Cameron Springs and Moon Lake are open, and 8,500 trout have been stocked into them since October. Plenty remain in both waters, and both will be stocked again next week.

    Please return to this website for updates on stockings and availability of Fort Riley's ponds and lakes for fishing.
  • Fort Riley Internet Assisted Hunter Education Class to be offered Friday, March 20, 2015

    by Fort Riley Conservation | Feb 11, 2015
    Fort Riley will be administering a Hunter Education internet assisted field day and test session on Friday, March 20th, 2015.  Please call 785-239-6211 for registration or visit the Environmental Office at Building 407 Pershing Court to get enrolled.

    Precourse work is required here: prior to attending the field day on Friday, March 20th at Building 1020 Huebner Road.  The field day will take place from 8:00 to 4:00 with a lunch break provided.  Each student will be issued a pre-test over the online materials covered.  A passing score of 22 out of 25 questions is required to proceed with the rest of the course.  The field walk session will be as much like an actual hunt as possible.  Students will be outside the majority of the field day so wear appropriate attire.

  • 2015 Spring Turkey Fact Sheet Released

    by Fort Riley Conservation | Feb 06, 2015
    The 2015 Fort Riley Spring Turkey Fact Sheet has been released and is available on this website here:  An online safety video will be made available this year, beginning Tuesday, March 10th.  Individuals are welcome to watch the video at the Environmental Division Office as well during normal business hours.

Directorate of Public Works, Environmental Division, Conservation Branch
Building 407, Pershing Court                                                                               Office Hours
Fort Riley, KS 66442                                                                                            Monday-Friday
Telephone: 785-239-6211                                                                                     7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Open Areas Hotline (24 Hours): 785-239-6669                                                    Except Closed on:
Report Violators @ 785-239-6767                                                                        Feb. 13, 16, 27
Emergency: 911